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Logistics Automation

Take your business strategy to the next level and automatize your logistics to save time for business development.

BlueDart shipping API

API Integration

Automate and organize your eCommerce store through the Bluedart integration services. This API allows you to manage all your shipping needs from one platform. Whether it is a Bulk movement of goods, dispatch from multiple warehouses or reverse pickup requests, the BlueDart API makes this easy to achieve.

  • Add worldwide shipping option to your website hassle free.
  • End-to-end shiping functionality to your warehouse.
  • Provide instant access to Bulk shipping with a single integration.
BlueDart eShipz service

Service Integrated

This API should be able to handle different brands for different destinations with ease.

  • Domestic priority, Dart Apex, Dart Surface, Dart Plus, Forward shipping, Reverse shipping with & without QC check
  • Bluedart compliant shipping labels
  • Bluedart International shipping
  • Automatic Pickup request generation
  • Shipment tracking
  • NDR reporting & automatic actions
BlueDart eShipz Dashboard

Analytics Dashboard

Shipping analytics provides quick, valuable insights on business performance, irrespective of the number of channels you sell on. This analytics will help you to understand customer behavior and the performance of your shipping process. Shipping Analytics allows you to analyze data and generate periodic or custom reports on :

  • unshipped orders.
  • all RTO (Return to Origin) shipments
  • all Re-directed shipments

Logistics Automation Will Bring More Business

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Customized Shipping Label

Print labels certified by couriers: Save time and prevent human error by creating labels automatically only with BlueDart. It will save package information which results in the faster workflow. Also, supports Batch printing.

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Manifest & Auto Pickup

Once a shipping label has been created, these shipments need to be manifested into the system. This manifestation helps in managing parcel related data centrally and all locations will have all necessary information for the parcel during dispatch.

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Real-time Tracking

Track all your Blue Dart orders on a single platform on a realtime basis. Using the BlueDart advanced tracking feature, you can track your shipments for a period of 90 days from the date of dispatch.

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SMaRT Mobility Solution

Pickup agents or warehouses executives can create shipping labels from a simple mobile app integrated with Bluedart API. In the advanced version of this solution, the process is simplified to the extent that hundreds of orders can be created in a few minutes.

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Multi Warehouse

Enterprises who operate from multiple warehouses can manage their warehouse dispatches from one platform i.e eShipz. Centrally one master warehouse or logistics manager can have complete supply chain visibility of all the parcels.

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Reverse Shipment

Businesses can process their reverse shipments without QC from the customer's doorstep via Blue Dart. eShipz gives access to Blue Dart API and businesses can create RVP labels which can be given to end consumer before pickup.

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Smarter & Simplified Shipping - Automate Shipping Process. Flexible, modern app that makes it easy to ship and track by saving time. Reduces manual efforts by 80% by Processing orders faster and efficiently.

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